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Teenage Smoking, Alarming!

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Now a day, teens seem to be more abrasive when smoking or they feel like they are older and wiser when they smoke.  Teens like to act as if they are someone special or dangerous.  Teenage smoking can act on those feelings. Because it is so forbidden it becomes more alluring to teens. They tried their first cigarette in sixth or seventh grade. The problem is that when they take that first puff, they can become addicted.

Kids like to get attention; it does not matter if it’s good attention or bad attention.  If they were experiencing problems with their family, schools or love life, they would think of something that will catch the attention of everyone. Here are some bad effects of teenage smoking; they often do not perform well in school. They feel like they are not a part of the school and become isolated from other students.

They feel like they have little hope of going to college and feel like they need a job to support their smoking habit. They are reported to school officials for skipping classes. They start using other illegal substances. They begin experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. They experience pressure from home and school and use tobacco as a form of relief.

Teenage smoking enjoys trying to hide their smoking. These types of behaviors get attention because the initiation of smoking is influenced by having a friend, particularly a best friend, who smokes. The risk factors do not apply because those who are young think that they are indispensable.

Sometimes they want rebellion and the idea that they are breaking the law or going against their parents and schools is an addiction within itself.

But most teens are not aware of the effect of smoking cigarettes. If you start smoking in your teens, be ready to stain your teeth, get wrinkles on your skin, and of course, die early. During teenage smoking, they think that smoking their first fag will already make them a smoker, but most of them will just say that they are experimenting.  What they don’t know is that it’s easy to get hooked.  Most smokers start at a young age, specifically in their teens, and 50% of them will die because of their habit – spluttering, having heart seizures, and coughing.

Still, smoking at Age 30? Shame.  Because you’re a smoker you already look like 40 yrs old. Gray and lined skin will be visible because of the lack of oxygen. Dull and smelly hair with stained teeth awaits you.  Wait there’s more, cellulite will be found in your body because of the smoke toxins. If you want to have kids, it will be hard for you to conceive compared to non-smokers: it will reduce female fertility and increase cervical cancer, chances of miscarriage, and complications during pregnancy and delivery.

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