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How to Survive Your First Week of Smoking Cessation

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When you go over this article, it means you have started your journey to a smoke-free living and let me congratulate you on such a wonderful choice!

Nicotine is a powerful addiction and yes, we know it will not be easy and you have to go through physical and psychological withdrawal, but to give you heads up, it can be done and there are successful individuals who are able to do so and you can get inspirations from their success stories and testimonies.

To help you overcome your cravings here are some tips that you can try every time you feel weak and tempted to light up another stick of cigarette.

• Drink a lot of liquids, especially water. Juices and herbal teas can be a good help. Limit your intake of liquids that can increase your urge to smoke like coffee, soft drinks, and most especially alcohol.

• Change your habits because your smoking tendencies are associated with your everyday routine, so by trying to deviate from your everyday practice you can lessen the opportunities to smoke. For example, try a different route to work, have your meal in at a different area, and avoid staying near smoking areas.

• Be on a healthy diet and living. Try low-calorie foods and avoid sugar and fatty food. Regular exercise helps but you have to take note you have to do it in moderation. One good way to try is to join an exercise group that provides a healthy activity and a new routine.

• Get more sleep. Try to go to sleep earlier and get more rest.

• When cravings hit, do something else immediately, such as talking to someone, getting busy with a task, or taking deep breaths. Take deep breaths. Distract yourself.

• You should also remind yourself every day that you are quitting and avoiding places you connect with smoking is another good practice. Involve yourself in activities that will relieve your stress like, listening to relaxing music and watching a funny movie.

• For support, you can always rely on your friends, to gain strength, motivation and encouragement.

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