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3 Great Herbs to Help quit smoking

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When you plan to stop something or something was stolen from you, people are always looking for a substitute or an alternative to endure the longing for something you used to do or what was lost. When you lose your earrings, you probably have a new one, or find something similar to it.

In the field of medicine, it is the rationale that gives birth to ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, and it is now gaining its popularity. Even doctors prescribe some of it under regulations. Herbs, is the most common type.  Some herbs are used to cure diseases others used for their diet and for some relaxation.

Herbs help quit smoking, as many people who have quit smoking have testified. If you plan to do the same, a good way to start is to consult with your doctor if it’s safe for you to take herbs as supplement while you are quitting smoking.  They can also prescribe you with the most ideal supplement. There are herbs that you can use alone and there are some that you can combine and have much better effect on you.

Here are some of the most commonly used herbs that you can try:

1.    Lobelia also known as Asthma Weed, Indian Tobacco, Pukeweed, and Vomitwort can be found in the warm regions of the world but there are few species also that can be found in the cold regions.  As its name says, it is used to treat asthma and food poisoning and alleviates tension and panic.  Also a nerve tranquilizing and works as bodily sedative as well as a result for this reason why it is commonly used in smoking cessation programs.  It is very popular to people who quit smoking because it resonates a tobacco like flavor, pungent and incinerating, creating a soothing felling in your body.  It also has the ability to make smoking no longer enticing.  You can use it fresh, dry or liquid extract so you can take at your convenience whenever you feel the urge for smoking, Lobelia is an herb help quit smoking.

2.    St. John’s Wort also known as Tipton’s Weed or Klamath weed exist worldwide with abundance in the subtropical regions of North America, Europe, Asia Minor, Russia, India, and China. It is commonly used to treat or for mild depression and it will provide an optimistic state of mind which is very important when starting quitting smoking.  Generally available over the counter but sometimes they require it to be prescribed.  You can get it in a form of tablet, capsule or drink with a teabag.

3.   Mimosa tea (Mimosa Hostilis) a perennial tree or shrub mostly in lower altitudes mostly found in tropical countries.  The detachment from nicotine causes headache, because body been used on having nicotine it cannot cope with the sudden change.  You can use mimosa tea as a pain reliever for the headache, aside from that it calms you and gets you a better mood.  Can only be purchased in a form of tea, this is another herbs help quit smoking.

List of other possible option of herbs that you can use as an alternative:

–    Korean ginseng
–    Hyssop
–    Black cohosh
–    Blue Vervain
–    Valerian
–    Skull cap
–    Parrot beak
–    Peppermint
–    CaoSu (Chinese herb)
–    Slippery Elm

Having herb as an alternative while quitting smoking is just part of the battle to remove smoking in your routine.  Support and understanding from people around you will be very much welcome, but it will be your attitude that will tell if you can remove smoking on your system.

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