Stop Smoking Help

When someone wants to stop smoking, that person needs to ask themself, “Why did I start smoking to begin with?”  Smoking although can be physiologically addictive at a certain stage in a smoker’s life just like other addictions can come to a successful end (after the withdrawal period).  It all depends on how addicted and attached the mind and body have become to the addictive tobacco before determining how easy or hard it can be to stop smoking entirely.  I believe that the initial reason as to why someone became a smoker in the first place is a great starting point to seeking that long term resolution.  A person has to realize what drove them to reach out for the feeling that smoking brought to their life.  How can this person substitute for this feeling in lieu of smoking?  The clearly drawn out dangers of smoking is usually not enough to intrinsically motivate someone into stopping but instead is a cautionary tale since there is no guarantee of lung cancer per se.  A person needs to understand how the addiction came to be and how to find a satisfactory healthy substitute to meet and reach the same satisfaction that smoking brought to them.  It’s the root cause of the addiction that needs to be addressed to address the root cause of the problem.  Otherwise, a person is setting themselves up for failure on an already challenging journey.

Author: J.A. Rodriguez