Stop cigarette smoking when your happy!

Quit Smoking TodayStop cigarette smoking when your happy! Now, i know what you are thinking, what smoker would want to quit why they are on top of the world.  Who would want to stop smoking when everything is a-ok?  Well, studies have shown that your highest chances of smoking cessation will be when you are happiest.

People that try to stop smoking cigarettes when they are depressed or under a lot of stress, statistically, have a low chance of success.  The happier you are, the better your chances that you will stop smoking.  If you are having a important happy time in your life, like birthdays, marriage, a new baby, or you just got that job promotion you might want to consider to stop cigarette smoking.
The reason for this is the nicotinje contained in cigarettes help control the levels of serotonin (happy juice) in our bodies.  When we lack nicotine in our bodies as a smoker, our serotonin levels drop and we smoke to get happy again.  If already are happy when we try to quit, we have more serotonin in our bodies and we will be able to quit easier, than if we had low levels in our body.

It really makes sense when you think about it.  Having major stress or depression will make it that much easier to just give in and not quit.

It is still important to make a plan when you quit, educate your self and have the proper resources available.


Name: John Durham
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Hi, my name is John and I am proud to say that I am smoke free for almost 5 years! I have recently decided to start writing for to help those who want to quit the habit.  Quitting Smoking is a very difficult thing to do and hopefully this the resources on this website can help aid other to becoming smoke free.