Quit smoking cold turkey

So you think you got what it takes to quit cold turkey? If you decide you want to quit smoking cold turkey you will need to be very motivated and very disciplined. There are many negative side effects (or withdrawl symptoms) come with quitting cold turkey.  It is important to know what you are up against, this article will review all to of the possible side effect of quitting cold turkeyand how to manage them.

Here is a list of the side effects that are typically associated with quitting cold turkey.
Overall – Weight Gain
Mental – Irritation, depression, itchiness, hot flashes
Sleep Changes – Insomnia, Vivid Dreams
Digestive  – including indigestion, heartburn, gas, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, nausea
Respitory – Sinus Congestion, Phlegm, Cough, sore throat
Circulatory – Stiffness, Leg Pains, Tingly Fingers, Swelling, Bloating, “tight waistlines”

Managing some or all of these symptoms can be challenging and should be taken very seriously if you truly want to quit. There are specific types of things you can do to assist you when you are quitting cold turkey. Below is a list of things your should do before quitting cold turkey.

Clean – Get rid of everything that will remind you of smoking, get rid of any cigarettes, old packs, ashtrays, or anything that will make you thing of smoking.
Air Out – Air out the house, so it will natural release any smoke odors.
Stay Away – from bars, smoke areas at work, and convenience stores.

It is also important to make a plan when you are quitting (cold turkey or not). When you make a plan it helps you maintain more mental focus, and increase your probablity that you will be more successful with your quitting.  Below are some tips on making a good plan when you quit smoking.

Circle the Date – Circle the date on the calendar, and make that your quit day.  It is always a good idea to pick a day that is low-stress for you.  The less stressors in your life, the more likely that you will be successful.
Replace the cigarette – Replace the cigarette with something that will keep your mouth occupied.  This will help you get through the nicotine cravings.  Whatever you preference, have some gum, toothpicks, hard candy or peppermints handy to get you through those first couple of weeks.  It will greatly increase your changes of success.

When you make that jump to quit smoking, remember it is important to be ready both mentally and emotionally.  Making a good plan is key to successful quitting, especially if yo are quit smoking cold turkey. Finally understand what to expect when you do quit smoking is important to smoking cessation.


Name: John Durham
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Hi, my name is John and I am proud to say that I am smoke free for almost 5 years! I have recently decided to start writing for Stopcigarettes.net to help those who want to quit the habit.  Quitting Smoking is a very difficult thing to do and hopefully this the resources on this website can help aid other to becoming smoke free.