Lollipops to help you quit smoking?!?

Yes, you read it correctly, there are lollipops can help you quit smoking. In 2002 there was a release Nicotine Replacement Therapy lollipops and hard candies that were released in to market. These products out on the market are lollipops with doses of nicotine to aide in smoking cessation.  The different lollipops that are available were called NicoStop, Likatine, and Nicopop.  These popular products come in an array of flavors including, cherry, apricot, and even tequila sunrise (yummy!). In addition to lollipops that have been available, there are also hard candy, gummy lozenges, and lip balms from the same companies.

The Bad News:
Unfortunately the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made the use of these products illegal, because they could to easily be mistaken for regular candy by young children.  Young children that consumed the product could become addicted to the nicotine in the candy and it would of given them a higher probablity that they would start smoking later on in life.  Nicotine “candy” is still sold in other countries, but not in the United States.

The Good News:
It has been proven that use of REGULAR lollipops have many positive effects for people that are trying to quit smoking.  First, the sucking on the lollipop or hard candy will help initially when they are trying to break their oral habit fixation, from sucking on a cigarette to sucking on a lollipop.   Second, the sugars that are contained in the cigarette, can help give the person a sugar spike which increase your mood. Third, the flavored vapors that you breathe in from the different flavors o f the lollipop will replace the sensation of breathing in a cigarette.

There are other things that can aid in smoking cessation such as,  peppermints, gum and toothpicks.  They all have benefits that are associated with smoking cessation.

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Name: John Durham
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Hi, my name is John and I am proud to say that I am smoke free for almost 5 years! I have recently decided to start writing for to help those who want to quit the habit.  Quitting Smoking is a very difficult thing to do and hopefully this the resources on this website can help aid other to becoming smoke free.