What are the different ways to stop smoking?

qs250x250Have you made the decision to stop smoking those cigarettes? If your answer is yes (which I assume it is, if you are visiting our website), then I have great news for you. There have been major developments in the past 30 years for smoking cessation. Until the late 70’s we did not have many options that would assist us in breaking the habit of cigarette smoking. Now in modern times we have developments that are happening all the time that can aid you by slowly reducing your cravings for nicotine and increasing your will power to quit.

Unfortunately, more people have been successful in recent years in quitting. Large companies have added more chemical and nicotine to the cigarettes to make them more addicting, making it harder to kick the habit. The increase in potency of cigarettes creates more of a need for assistance-to-quit products and services.

Fortunately, there are many different options that you can take to quit smoking. Below is a list of popular options that are available to aid you in smoking cessation. This is not intended to be recommend one over the other, but to serve as a list of available options.

Herbal remedies: There are many herbal remedies that are out on the market right now that can aid you in smoking cessation. The herbal remedies increase the levels of serotonin, the chemical in your body for controlling happiness and depression. This helps you by decreasing your need to get that “satisfaction feeling” from a cigarette. Products on the market that fall under herbal remedies are

Pharmaceuticals: Certain types of drugs, especially anti-depressants have been proven to help people quit smoking. It is important to consult a medical physician first before attempting to go this path. Follow in instructions of your doctor and will put you on good plan to quitting.

Acupuncture: There has been an increase in the popularity of acupuncture to aid you in smoking cessation. Acupuncture involves using small metallic beads and hair-thin needles to inserted in trigger points on your body. Although the process sound intimidating, most people claim it to be rather relaxing.

Hypnotherapy: You can use hypnosis to harness the power of the subconscious mind to increase your will power to quit smoking. Many people swear by this method to aid them in quitting.

Laser Therapy: A new trend is laser therapy. There have been developments with lasers to remove hair and reduce wrinkles. Further developments have found that using low levels of laser light on trigger points on the body can reduce cravings to smoke for periods of time.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy: This is a very popular method for quitting. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), is replacing nicotine in the body without the use of cigarettes or chewing tobacco; then slowly weaning the body of the nicotine in a controlled and systematic way. Some Popular methods of NRT include nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and nicotine lozenges.

Cold Turkey: If you are brave, have a well executed plan, and strong will power. Quitting by just stopping cigarettes is another option. It is one of the most difficult options, because the side effects of quitting will be the strongest using this method. But it is possible for anyone to use this method.

Personal Counselor – Counselors can useful in helping you make a realistic plan, and helping you stick to it. Some counselors even off assistance with phone calls and talking with you are having a “bad craving”.

As you can see there are many different options you have to quit smoking. Not all people are alike or created equally. Sometimes a combination of multiple products can lead you to success in quitting. The most important part of the quitting process is YOU and your desire to quit. The rest will help you get through the process with flying colors.



Name: John Durham
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Hi, my name is John and I am proud to say that I am smoke free for almost 5 years! I have recently decided to start writing for Stopcigarettes.net to help those who want to quit the habit.  Quitting Smoking is a very difficult thing to do and hopefully this the resources on this website can help aid other to becoming smoke free.