Different Types Of Quit Smoking Cravings

A strong desire for something is what we call cravings it can be for a food that we love a thing that we really like. We get satisfaction and fulfillment in getting our cravings, like craving for pizza or cravings to be popular or successful.  But there are some cravings that are unhealthy and quit smoking cravings is one. This is one of the difficult stages that a smoke quitter has to undergo. This is the part where many smokers have failed. They quit smoking for one to two days but they were unsuccessful to overcome their intense cravings for cigarettes. Smokers who fall back explained this as a hindrance to their desire to become smoke-free.

People who smokes are being enslave by the addictive power of nicotine, making hard for them to quit. Again it’s been said over and over again that aside from the person willingness and help from the people around him it is very important when going through the process of quitting smoking.  While going through the process, there will come a point where they will crave for nicotine again. Generally, there are three types of cravings that quitters feel and by understanding and knowing them it will be easier for you to overcome it.

The most apparent cravings you will feel, of course, will be Nicotine, it is the one that provides the addiction and is commonly call Nicotine withdrawal cravings.  Your body is so used in having it inside and loosing it will give you a hard time adjusting.  During this period, you will feel uneasy and a lot of people revert during this time.  You will experience this symptom during this stage, an increase in appetite, sleeping problems, difficulty in concentrating, lot of headache and anxiety. You will be depressed and light headed.  Be patient, it is just in the beginning and will eventually be gone.  You might not even notice that you don’t encounter the cravings anymore.

Another craving they feel when quitting smoking is the habit of smoking.  This is a type of quit smoking craving where you misses to smoke while doing things you usually do simultaneously with smoking.  This can be after eating, while drinking, talking with your friends or anything where you are smoking before.  Just focus and concentrate on your goal of removing smoking in your habit and you will be surprised with the results that you will get.

Fond memories are nice to remember but memories of you smoking are a dangerous desire to remember, it’s the last cravings while quitting smoking.  Remembering how good it feels when you smoke, the relaxing feeling it gives you will more or less tempt you to grab a stick of cigarette again.  It will be hard because it’s all in your mind, reminding you the sweet sensation every time. Along the good feeling that you remember when you were smoking, but also be reminded of the bad things it can give you. The diseases and infections that you can get and worst of all, death.  By thinking of the negative things smoking can give, you will choose to remove it completely.

These quit smoking cravings is just temporary and will definitely go away immediately.  When you feel the desire to smoke, do other things that will divert your attention. Nobody said that it will be easy but with focus, you can overcome the desire to smoke again and you will be glad with the positive things that you can get in not smoking.