Best ways to quit smoking


We all know the importance of good health, more and more each day many people decide to take the first step towards better health, by quitting smoking.  There are many negative facts that are associated with smoking that can lead to cancer, poor health, weight gain, death and much more.

Here are 8 of the most popular and effective methods to quit smoking today.

1.)    Hypnosis: Hypnosis has become a very popular and effective method to aide in smoking cession.  Hypnosis involves taking your mind into a deep trace and using the powers of persuasion on a person’s self conscious to control smoking urges on a subconscious level.  The person or program administering hypnosis will increase the person’s will power to kick the habit.

2.)    Acupuncture:  Acupuncture involves using tiny needles, in specialized trigger points in a person’s body to decrease stressors and cravings.  This method is effective for short periods of time to relieve possible temptations.  Acupuncture comes practice from the asian culture and is commonly practiced for numerous remedies in certain parts of the world.

3.)    Laser Treatments: The newest trend in quit smoking aids is laser treatments.  There are specialized centers that are popping up in major metropolitan areas that use soft beams of light to reduce cravings for cigarettes and reducing stress.  The soft light from the lasers stimulate pressure point on your body helping to release endorphins into your blood stream to reduce cigarette cravings.

4.)    Nicotine Patches:  A very popular and effective method for a lot of people is the use of nicotine patches.  Most drug stores carry nicotine patches, and can be purchased over the counter.  The patches work by releasing small doses of nicotine into the bloodstream, helping reduce your cravings and habits of smoking.  The process is a system that takes 6 to 12 weeks as your slowly reduce your dosage of nicotine during that time period.

5.)    Nicotine Gum:  Another alternative to nicotine patches in the use of nicotine gum.  This is not chewing gum like trident or carefree, instead you will slowing bite into this gum once every couple of minutes and it will release a small dose of nicotine to help you break the habit of smoking.

6.)    Breath Mints: Believe it or not, a lot people have found consistently sucking and chewing of peppermints have helped aid in smoking cessation.  Peppermints have been proven to increase concentration and reduce stress.  The menthol sensation is generated by the peppermint and can help reduce your cravings.

7.)    Medicine / Prescription Drugs: Another alternative to quitting smoking is to us prescription drugs.  You will need to consult your physician first and he will most likely prescribe you a anti-depressant.  Drug such as WellButrin and Zyban have shown positive results in aiding people to quit smoking.  Be cautious of the side-effects that can come with taking prescription drugs, talk to your doctor thoroughly before taking this route.

8.)    Counseling: Working with a coach or a counselor can be an effective method for quitting smoking. A counselor will consistently work with you to help you make a manageable plan that will be customized to your lifestyle and help you track and manage your progress.

Article by: Wes Durham
About The Author: Wes is a freelance writer associated with and has successfully been smoke free for 5 years and counting!