A Look Inside A Smoking Lungs

Breathing fresh air with a clean lungs is a refreshing feeling, every breathe we take is like adding a new life.  It’s amazing that we can get the necessary oxygen from air to our bloodstream that is needed by our body, and then releases carbon dioxide back in the air.  Lungs is an important part of the respiratory system, the respiratory system is responsible in doing that work for us, and lungs is an important part of it.

It has been said a lot of times that when you smoke a lot of bad chemicals goes inside your body through the lungs.  It will greatly affect your lungs and its passage ways, it will create a lot of different problems from a simple cough up to the lethal cancer.  Smoking lungs will be discolored compared to non smoking lungs. Smokers put in thousand of cigarettes inside your lungs that cause the discoloration, it is not just ugly for the lungs but it is very DEADLY.  Here are some of the things that are happening inside smoking lungs.

First and the most obvious is that it will weaken the immune system of your lungs.  You will be more vulnerable to infection because its natural defense doesn’t work the way as before you started smoking. Infection can range form the simple upper respiratory infection then a lower respiratory infection to bronchitis and other infections.

Are lungs will not work as it used to when we grow old and if you smoke it will age much faster. You can only be 30 years old but since you smoke a lot you can have a lung of a 45 or 50 years old.  Irritation, inflammation of the airways and lungs will narrow decreasing the airflow in your body.  Just one or two cigarettes can cause pain and coughing for someone who has smoking lungs.

Lungs just like any body parts have its own repair and cleaning system, they will not work properly because of smoking. The broom like hair called cilia and the cells that produces mucous in the lungs upper airways is being damaged when smoking.  Mucous holds the small bits of pollution and dirt we breathe, then together with the cilia get rid of the dirt-filled mucous out of your lungs.  Since smoking damages the cilia and increases mucus, mucus will clog the airways because cilia is not working properly it will trap a lot of dirt and cancer causing chemicals in your body.  You will be very vulnerable to different lung diseases.

Lastly your alveoli commonly known as air sacs in your lungs will also be damage by a smoking lungs.  Air sacs is responsible for the exchange of gas with the blood, they stretch as they are filled with air while breathing in and shrink back while breathing out carbon dioxide.  What smoking does is reduce the stretchiness of the alveoli, making it hard to take in oxygen while more carbon dioxide is trap.  Because of the damaged caused in your alveoli you will always feel out of breath and exhausted.  In addition, little oxygen is carried out to your body so to compensate your heart has to exert more effort to provide the body with the right oxygen.  If lungs continue to work like that it will lead to even emphysema, chronic bronchitis or heart disease.

Always be conscious of what your body tells you, it will warn you if there is something wrong inside your body.  Simple caution like feeling out of breath when walking a short distance, coughing, spitting of mucous and frequent chest infections.  These are indications that there is something wrong with your body especially with your lungs, consult your specialist to prevent it from worsening.  But it’s just a way for your lungs to let you know that it has already too many bad chemicals inside it like telling you it is not good to be a smoking lungs.