8 Tips to quit smoking now

Yes, you can quit smoking now! Tobacco is a highly addictive product that has many negative effects your health and body.  Quitting smoking is not an easy process but it is possible as long as you have the right mindset.   Here are some tips and tricks to quit smoking right now:

1.)    Pick a date – Pick a date to quit smoking and make that your date! Circle it on the calendar and focus on that day to stop.   Having a planned date will help you focus and planning process to successfully quit. It is key to give yourself a couple of days to quit.

2.)    Make a plan – Just like when you selected your date, it is also important to have a plan in place.  Make you know how you will avoid temptations to smoke.  Make a plan how you will change your habits to get your through the want to smoke. Have an idea of tools that you might use to assist with your smoking cessation.  You can quit smoking now, you just need to have a plan I place to do so.

3.)    Prepare your support system – Your family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones can be of great assistance to you when you want to stop smoking. Make sure that you let everyone know that you are quitting. People (especially former smokers) understand how difficult it is to quit smoking, and will want to help you get through the initial cravings.  They will also help you thorough the moments of weakness through encouragement (even if you are not being so nice).

4.)    Focus – It is always a good idea to focus on the reasons why you are quitting. Quitting smoking now is a lot easier when you have a good reason to do so.  Are you quitting to be a good example for your kids?  Are you quitting smoking to improve you health and to live longer?  Are you just plain tired of paying $8 for a pack of cigarettes per day?  If any of these reasons give you’re a purpose to quit smoking now, then focus on it!

5.)    Have the right tools – There is nothing wrong with using smoking cessation assistance tools.  There are many programs and treatments that are available and can make the quitting process more bearable.  Nicotine Replacement Therapy or holistic therapy can be great avenues to quit smoking now.

6.)    Write it down – Although we know in our heads what way we are wanting to quit, it is helpful to get a couple of ‘post it notes’ and write down why your are quitting and that you are quitting.  It will help to keep quitting smoking on the front of your mind.  Write down when you make it 1 week, 2 weeks and so on.  This will help remind you far you have come!

7.)    Reward yourself – It is good to celebrate the milestones of quitting smoking.  Reward yourself with a special dessert you may like, or go do something you enjoy.  You will have a little extra money in your pocket, so you will have the availability to spend a little extra money.  Use that money you are saving to help you quit by rewarding your self more making it a half month, then a whole month and so on.  It will help to reinforce your purpose (and make you happy along the way).

8.)    Focus on the long term –  Lets not forget that quitting is only part of the process.  Living a smoking free life and a smoke abstinence lifestyle will be important after getting through the initial quit smoking process.  Consider using a treatment program that focuses on the long term that will help you get through the ups and downs of life and live a smoke free life.

It is possible that you can quit smoking now.  It takes a little bit of planning; some focus and will power to quit smoking now!  You can do it, I did it following these simple rules. Here is to your success!



Name: John Durham
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Hi, my name is John and I am proud to say that I am smoke free for almost 5 years! I have recently decided to start writing for Stopcigarettes.net to help those who want to quit the habit.  Quitting Smoking is a very difficult thing to do and hopefully this the resources on this website can help aid other to becoming smoke free.